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Steve's Shack

Outdoor Spa Area

Our 5 metre luxury bell tents are amazingly spacious. At 3.6M high in the centre, there's plenty of spare room, and with a massive 5 metre diameter, they provide a comfortable stay for two, a splendid retreat for a couple, copious room for four,  with still enough space for 5 to bring the baby..   Our tents are situated in a  private meadow so there is plenty of room for the kids to run around and play.



Steve's Shack is dedicated to one of the founders of Oak Lodge Retreat and his love of fine liquor & great food. We offer local beers, gins, whiskey and other not so easy to get beverages. We also offer an extensive menu selection offering some of the best local produce from our local area.

Our gourmet burgers are the star of the show, something for everyone, lamb, beef, chicken, pulled pork and an amazing vegetarian burger.



Here at Oak Lodge Retreat we have our Outdoor Spa area. We have a wood burning hot tub,& sauna, relaxing loungers and outdoor shower which are available to use whenever you book a stay with us.

This is the perfect addition to make your time with us that little bit more relaxing. Robes and towels can be hired for a small fee to add that extra luxury to your spa experience .



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Sitting round an outside fire isn’t just about keeping warm. An outdoor fire pit has many practical, emotional and health benefits too. Snuggle up with your family & friends and chat the evening away.

For the more energetic of you our fenced off paddock is there for you to use at your leisure for fun and games. Play rounders, football or just frolic away with new friends.



Outdoor Space



Doing nothing is a foreign concept to most of us nowadays, when do we really get a chance to do nothing, relax and spend quality time with friends and family?


Oak Lodge Retreat is for exactly that, no crowded club house, no noisy arcades. Just you, your friends, your family and the perfect excuse to 'do nothing'.


Precious time with great company.


"In a world of mass produced experiences, we offer our guests the made-to-measure." An unbending focus on bespoke service means guests feel part of the family from the second they set foot in one of our stunning luxury bell tents.




Bushcraft for children.


Everyone benefits from being in the outdoors, and bushcraft helps us understand nature more and connect to it better.  Bushcraft for children is a way to teach them what nature can provide for them, and they bond with nature.  They learn life skills through bushcraft, have a lot of fun and it is also a great way for to spend some quality outdoor time outside preferably getting muddy in the process!  


Bushcraft for children can incorporate lots of different activities from foraging to fire building




Our course will offer a brief introduction to the history of candle making, an understanding of the types of waxes available and their advantages and disadvantages, how size and types of candle wick are also important, burn times and so on.


During classe we will take you step-by-step through the candle making process. You will have the opportunity to make your own candle, as well as smelling and testing a selection of our premium fragrance oils, and labelling your own candle.


Our hands-on course is designed with fun in mind for the whole family to enjoy. You will have an opportunity to make your own candles - from simple tea lights to pillar candles and scented jar candles - that you can take home with you.



Be taught by our in-house mixologist to make (then drink) a selection of four different cocktails at Oak Lodge cocktail making classes. All our classes focus on 100% involvement – every guest uses fine liquor, fresh ingredients and specialist equipment to make their own cocktails at Steve's Shack.


Our cocktail making classes last two hours and are be hosted on site.

We also have the ability to take our cocktail classes to almost any venue in Suffolk, Norfolk or throughout the U.K.


Choose your favourite 4 cocktails to make during the class.


Any Size, Any Time, Any Day.

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Are you ready to turn great local ingredients into delicious tasting sausages with our sausage making experience.


Grab your fellow meat enthusiasts and head over to our local village butchers, where you’ll take part in 2 hours of carnivorous fun. You’ll be cooking with only the finest locally-sourced meat, and ingredients – no preservatives, just the best stuff.


You will make your sausages with the sausage machine and skins, this promises to be an hilarious event. Along the way, you’ll receive plenty of tips and tricks to make cooking easier and even more flavourful. Indulge your inner carnivores with this fabulously unique experience.

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